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BIO SUISSE label, a warranty of quality:


Our products are of a high quality and our production follows with scrutiny the specifications of BIO-Suisse organic label. In addition to exceptional natural conditions of our fish farm we pay a particular attention to comply with the following standards:


  • We provides a natural environment for the growth of our fish.


  • The density of our fish in ponds is low, which allows them to have plenty of room to grow. We do not exceed 20 kg of fish per m3 of water while conventional farms goes up to 100 kg of fish per m3 of water.


  • All our pools provide fishes with shade areas as well as oxygenated water areas by small waterfalls.


  • The growth of our fishes is slow, at least 18 months before the sale. In a conventional production fish are generally sold after one year.


  • The preventive use of medicines and treatment products such as antibiotics is excluded in our production.


  • The food given to the fish is organic certified and the vegetal components of it are coming from farms which are certified from the organic label Bio-Suisse.


  • The use of genetic engineering is excluded at all stages of our production.


  • The use of artificial colorings in the food for the fishes is excluded.

"“Nature never deceives us; it is always we who deceive ourselves.”

                                                                    Jean-Jaques Rousseau exilé à Môtiers de 1762 à 1765

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