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We offer a unique high quality of organic fish thanks to the specific features of the ponds of our production location.


Our fish live stress free in partially shaded ponds. Running water and quiet areas provides our fish the necessary environment for a moderate and healthy growth.


The low temperature of our river located in the valley of Val-de-Travers allows a slow development of our fish similar as those living in a natural environment. This slow growth is essential to obtain a firm and savoury flesh of a high quality. 

Feature of our ponds:


Our ponds were built in 1900 and enjoy the following unique features:


  • Located within the Areuse river which enjoys amongst the cleanest river in Switzerland.


  • The ponds are built with wood and are powered, as in a natural environment, by a continuous flow of water.


  • The bottom of our pools is made of marl and gravel, not concrete like most other fish farms.


  • An ecological compensation area going beyond the Bio Suisse standards was developed during the last twenty years with the presence of a breeding site for amphibians (common frogs, Alpine newts) and numerous nesting waterfowl (mallards, net redheads, moorhens, common crane, bittern)

    Môtiers’s fish farm is one of the few facilities in Switzerland, where Bio-Suisse certification standards are guaranteed without exceptions to the standards of the Swiss organic label thanks to the exception of its natural site.

We are aware of the fragility of the natural resources and our family has been involved for many years to protect and respect the environment. We are therefore engaged in monitoring our environment and especially the quality of the discharged water.

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